Thursday, September 4, 2008

jQuery for Designers with John Resig

Boston IxDA invites you to a UI prototyping workshop using jQuery with its creator John Resig on the 11th of September at MIT Building 3.

What is jQuery?
Its a javascript library that enables designers & developers to easily build or reuse some of the most common interaction patterns found on the web today.

For some examples of the power of jQuery, see;

Why might jQuery be of interest/use to a designer? While we wait for Adobe Thermo et al to usher in the golden age of WYSIWYG 'prototype' to 'shipping code' workflows, jQuery is achieving this today with a minimal amount of code manipulation, often just copy'n'paste. If you want tighter coordination with your developers or desire to reduce the amount of throw-away work by presenting your designs in a format that can be picked up by the developer then look no further. If you've worked up some html you'll be more than at home dropping in a jQuery pattern to produce more interactive designs after this tutorial.

The power of open source...
jQuery is an extensible framework, people around the world are contributing to the framework everyday. For example;
Specify or configure your designs colour pallete in and it will automagicaly build the CSS needed for your jQuery powered UI.
Also, here's 20 3rd party examples of ready to use UI patterns, from light boxes to image libraries: /07 /21 /20 -amazing -jquery -plugins -and -65 -excellent -jquery -resources /

John Resig , will give a 2 hour tutorial for designers on the 11th of September at the MIT building 3. We have a strict limit of 58 seats for this event so I strongly recommend RSVP'ing.

Additional resources worth looking at ahead of the tutorial;

When: 6:30-8:30, 11th of September
Where: Room 3-133 Map
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307