Friday, January 30, 2009

Sex, Money, and Storytelling

Time and Date:
Saturday 10am-noon

Involution Studios Boston
661 Mass Ave, 3rd floor
Arlington, MA 02476

We know you like sex, and we all like money, but... storytelling? Yep. Storytelling. It's a way to open up the design process to new ideas and new ways of listening to users. And that leads to a better user experience. Participants will learn the importance of stories and storytelling in the design process, will learn the basics of telling stories, and will leave with the experience of having crafted a story that addresses a design problem.

This two-hour workshop will include:

The role of storytelling in user experience design
The power of listening
Why your audience matters
Using imagery for powerful stories
Using stories as part of design
Wrapup and discussion

Exercises in listening, telling stories and designing from stories will keep the session interactive. Come prepared to work.

Laptops, iphones, and other comm devices are required to be turned off (and preferably left at home).